Who Are We?

& How does it work?

Who Are We?

Bald Dudes Club is a COMMUNITY of Bald Dudes that want to enjoy the bald lifestyle. Bald Dudes are easily recognized by their shaved or balding heads AND their fun loving attitude. As the Bald Dude Club grows, so will our clout. Join the Bald Dudes Club and help promote the best lifestyle around…the bald lifestyle.
You can join the Club for FREE. However, if you want to show your Bald Pride join in one of our premium categories and receive some great Bald Dude Club items! Our pride in the Bald Dudes Club is reflected the quality products we make and send out to the Members. Our goal is to send you great items that you can wear and use everyday. We also want you to have some fun. Whenever possible the items will have the Bald Dudes Club logo on them.


Anyone that is bald or shaves their head can be a Member. Everyone else can be an Associate Member. SO JOIN TODAY!


So what happens when you join the Bald Dudes Club?

EVERY MEMBER (even if you join for FREE) will receive a monthly email newsletter and other online communications from The Club. Some of those communications will be exclusive offers only available to Bald Dudes Club Members. Other communications will be to announce Bald Dudes Club events and opportunities. As our numbers grow, so will YOUR benefits. We will constantly be scouting out opportunities for our Members. We also want our Club Members to get involved so much of the Club’s communications will happen through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets. This will provide a way for Members to get involved AND HAVE FUN. Most communication between the Club and Members will be on the social media platforms, so don’t worry, we will not overwhelm your email. We will only EMAIL the newsletter and the most important or most exclusive offers.

If you join one of our PREMIUM Memberships, your initial Bald Dude Box will include your Metal Personalized Membership Card, a Bald Dudes Club T-Shirt, Bald Dudes Club stickers, a Bald Dudes Club key chain and other fun or useful products. As often as possible items will include the Bald Dudes Club logo.

If you sign up for them, additional Bald Dude boxes will be mailed to you quarterly or monthly depending on the level of Membership. Each box will include AT LEAST one apparel item and other fun and useful products. We want your Bald Dudes Club experience to be great. So our goal is to pack each Bald Dude box with as much value as possible!

At the end of your annual Membership, you can either elect to continue your premium benefits or you can downgrade to the free Prime Membership category. Either way it is our goal to give you the best Club membership experience possible.


to join the Bald Dudes Club?

NO! You do not have to be bald. And you do not have to be male. Some people have more or less hair. Some people shave their head and some people have naturally smooth heads. Some people just LOVE a bald dude. Everyone is welcome to join. The only requirement is that you want to have FUN and that you have a sense of humor.